Message from Alecsys

My name is Alecsys Proctor Turner and at age 14, I decided to make my mark on the service arena by starting a youth friendly, interactive platform primarily targeted to residents of children’s hospitals all over the country.  I am a singer/songwriter that over loves music so I strongly believe that my calling is to bring music to the world... but my life long battle with chronic asthma sparked the need for this project. I have spent countless days and longer nights in children’s hospitals across Florida in respiratory distress. Luckily, I always had my mother with me to help me get through the hardest and scariest times.  Next to me in many cases, was a kid who was battling their illness alone because maybe their parents or guardians worked or could not travel if they were hospitalized outside of their area.

On one particular rainy night in a hospital in Celebration, Florida, I gasped for breaths as my mom began our nightly ritual of reading me a story and singing a lullaby.  She read the children’s version of the King and I and she inserted the song “I Whistle A Happy Tune”. This was a song my we often sang together to remind us to sing or whistle if ever alone or afraid.  Kids on both sides of my hospital privacy curtain asked to join in so my mom taught them these words…”Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect, and whistle a happy tune so no one will suspect that I’m Afraid.”  They both seemed a little happier maybe even a little healthier after a story and a song.  That day I decided that when I was older, I would do something so children stuck in hospitals could always have a story and a lullaby before bed.

 I started as a simple website designed for kids in hospitals but it soon spread to people all over the world.  I have followers from Bangkok to the Bahamas.  It became apparent that I needed to make my delivery mediums assessable to all kids so they can hear lullabies and a bed time stories at night from the comfort of their own homes, or hospitals, or while on vacation, etc.  

 I included the work of performers in my peer group to enlarge my circle of presenters. With the use of marketing and social media, I have had the chance to reach my target audience from multimedia sources. In addition to virtual meetings Brown Eyed Lullabies offers a weekly youth program featuring gentle yoga, lullabies, and bedtime stories, for ages 3-12. Through the website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, I have been able to reach thousands of followers and their families.